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Moth Pest Control By Professionals In Mount Waverley

Do you notice distorted holes in your fabrics, visually damaged or discoloured carpet, or damaged curtains inside your home? If yes, your place may be having one or more moth nestings. 

Welcome to Pest Control Mount Waverley, the brand for expert, professional moth pest control in Mount Waverley. We have a team of Moth Control Mount Waverley experts with the best tools and techniques & years of experience. 

We offer complete moth control in house and commercial spaces of Mount Waverley. Furthermore, we can not only take care of your current pest control carpet moths issue but also offer low chances of future moth risks. So, let us schedule a same day service booking for you at 03 4050 7852 today. 

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Why Must You Get Professional Moth Control On-time? 

Australia has about 22000 species of moths & they hardly pose harm to humans or their properties. The most common moth species found in Mount Waverley are white cabbage moths, white moths in the garden, carpenter moths and brown moths. If any of these moths infest your property, you may have to face: 

  • Moth waste can leave spots, marks and may damage your clothes and books. 
  • Carpet moths may lay eggs on your carpet resulting in carpet fibre damage. 
  • Pantry moths contaminate food by laying eggs on tables
  • Brown home moths can harm your woollen upholstery & eat up your cereals, flours & potatoes. 

This is why having regular professional moth control service is essential. Since your home/ offices have expensive fabrics and furnishings, an on-time codling moth control service is a must! Call Pest Control Mount Waverley for budget-friendly & professional service today! 

Moth Inspection service and Tricks and Tips To Control Them 

Our moth control Mount Waverley specialists will examine your property for a moth infestation. We first identify the species or species of moths, inspect their damage & look for related moth evidence. Moreover, we will also evaluate both internal and external reasons for moth infestation at your place. This moth inspection service will help in offering the right moth caterpillar control service for you! 

Want to know about easy tips and tricks to prevent moths, look below: 

  • Fill your property with cedar, moths will repel away! 
  • Combine crushed, powdered and dried shrubs and spray them on your belongings (clothes, carpets and rugs)
  • Apply sticky traps
  • Keep your carpets, mouldings and floors dusted and vacuumed
  • Freeze the clothes that show any moth sign
  • Wash clothes that are full of eggs or larvae

Exclusive Moth Control Options We Have For You

✔ Domestic moth control Service

We know how to safely remove, inspect and treat moths from your home. We work with strong dedication and always deliver on time and affordable moth treatment services. So, if you are wishing for a harmless moth control service, call us now! 

✔ Commercial moth control Service

Keep your business, employees and guests away from moths and call us for office or business moth treatment now! Our company has been famous in Mount Waverley for same-day commercial moth control services. So, if you want to get a moth pest management done, book us now!

✔ Pre-purchase moth inspection service

Never buy a new property or shift on rent in Mount Waverley before getting a moth inspection by a professional. Our moth exterminators offer a quick and cheap pre-buy moth inspection service in Mount Waverley. Also, we give you a detailed report after conducting any moth pest inspection on the property. 

✔ Emergency moth control Service service 

Are you exploring for a rapid moth extermination service anywhere in Mount Waverley, then Pest Control Mount Waverley can be the best option always. We are rapid, fast and deliver excellent moth treatments without charging much. Yes, you can expect a pocket-friendly emergency moth control from us. Get in touch with us for more!

✔ Same day moth control Service

Receiving moth treatment service within a few hours of booking gives immense relief. And if you too wish to get stress and moth-free property, book us now! Our same day moth prevention treatments are available to book anytime. Call us, give us your details and we will quickly access your location in no time. Furthermore, all of our same day moth control offerings are available at very inexpensive rates.

Signs To Look For Moth Nestings In Any Property

During the beginning stage of moth nestings, you may not be able to notice the damage easily. If you observe any of the below-given signs of moth infestation, contact us immediately for a complete cabbage or pantry moths extermination in Mount Waverley

  • Tunnels, trenches or silky furrows on your fabrics and clothing. 
  • Irregular tiny holes in clothes, carpets, tapestries, curtains and other fabrics. 
  • Larvae appearing- like tiny tubes on the clothes
  • Damage or discolouration on papers and books
  • Eggs of moths inside food items
  • Crusty formations on clothing, drapes or rugs

At Pest Control Mount Waverley, our moth control Mount Waverley experts assess the level of damage at your residence & create a customised winter moth control plan to make sure your place gets pest-free! 

Dead Moth Removal Service In Mount Waverley 

Do you notice any dead moths lying at your residence? Then, we highly suggest you call us for a dead moth removal service. By calling us for moth removal, we will tell you the responsible reasons for dead moths, the activity of other pests if present, etc. Also, we will look for live moths and leave your place only when it is fully safe and free from moth pests. 

Why Call Us For Moth Control Mount Waverley? 

At Pest Control Mount Waverley, we are committed to giving next-level moth control Mount Waverley services. All of our services are provided by using the latest systems and technologies. The key highlights of our company’s specialities are given below: 

  • Same day and emergency moth controls 
  • Certified and trained moth exterminators
  • Upfront & transparent service charges and quotations
  • Completely humane and safe methods for pest controls
  • State of the art moth treatment procedures
  • 24 by 7 open for bookings throughout Mount Waverley

Our Moth Control Mount Waverley Service Is Now Active in Nearby Locations As Well 

You can now avail of our on-time moth inspection and control treatments in Mount Waverley and its nearby suburbs. We have regular clients from- Chadstone, Burwood, Oakleigh and Glen Waverley, etc. Call us for a free consultation quote today! 


  1. What do carpet moth extermination providers do to get rid of moths?
  2. For large scale carpet moth controls, experts make use of fumigation methods. However, sometimes the infestation is confined and less spread. In that case, the pest exterminators make use of spraying and pouring pesticides on the affected area. No matter what your place gets pest-free for sure on calling a professional moth exterminator. 

  3. Are moths able to live in the ducts and vents? 
  4. Cloth moth larvae are usually seen inside heating ducts, air vents and upholstered furniture. Sometimes, you may notice moths in abandoned nests of birds. So, always ensure that your property is neat and clean at all times.

  5. How can I get rid of moths outside during the day in Mount Waverley?
  6. Getting control of moths outdoors is as simple as switching off your lights outdoors or changing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with red, orange or yellow bulbs. Moreover, to keep your Mount Waverley home safe from moths, you may close blinds & curtains at night to cut inside light from seeking moth’s attention from outside.